On Mozart’s Tracks

Mozart loved to meet his friends, to celebrate and to enjoy good food and drink. And father and son Mozart did not only play with notes, they also gambled with numbers and especifically with words. The inhabitants of such a small town as Salzburg longed for learning the latest gossips from all over the world, and the Mozarts used to send many letters from their different journeys throughout Europe to their friends at home. Privately, in their letters and diary entries they did not restrain to comment about many a contemporary with pointed feather. Come and join us to follow music tradition throughout centuries, to get to know the child prodigy, the genius, the man as well as the rebel Mozart and to meet his teachers, friends and colleagues!

Focus: Old Town, Mozart’s Birthplace and Residence, St. Sebastian’s Cemetery and more
Duration: 3 hours
Price: € 190,00
Number of persons: max. 25