about us

The Salzburg Guide Service is an association of more than one hundred officially recognised tourist guides, offering tours in more than 20 languages. Not only have all our guides gone through comprehensive training and have passed the state exams, they also continue to improve their language and guiding skills by taking part in regular vocational training courses in order to offer their clients the best possible guiding service.

The New Austrian Guides' Badge

The Austrian tourist guides’ badge, has become a symbol for quality guiding services throughout Austria. We felt that after using the same badge for 10 years it was time for a change and have created a new look for our badge. Both badges are valid throughout Austria and are your guarantee for excellent service.

The badge ist an emblem of recognition for Austrian guides and a guarantee for a quality guiding service. It is an expression of our dedication to the sound, multifaceted imparting of history and culture.

Only state approved guides are permitted to wear the badge and to guide in Austria.